Thursday, February 28

NXText Messaging?

I just had an awesome idea: wouldn't it be cool if you could text message with NXTs? I have two, and I could have them send text to each other via BlueTooth that you enter on some NXT text interface like the one when you save a "NXT Program" (on the NXT) !
The programming will be tricky, but not too hard.
What do you think? Will it work?

Wednesday, February 27


Meet the (S)emi (P)ortable (M)usic (P)layer (SPMP)!

This is the new hi-tech music player! The iPod now has a rival! Or maybe I should wait till someone buys mine before I say that...
Anyways, this is a robot that can carry around your Boom Box wherever you go! It even has a rack to carry all of your CDs. It'll play mp3s too as soon as LEGO improves the sound capability of the NXT... (hint, hint, LEGO!)
And if your music is all on your computer...
It will carry that too!

Saturday, February 23

BlueTooth Remote Control

This is a lesson on how to control one NXT with another. (via BlueTooth)

• Two NXTs
• One computer
• 4 motors

1. First, you need to build a Tribot, or some similiar basic robot. (picture 1)
2. You then will build a remote like the one in picture 2
2. Connect the motors on both car and remote to motor ports A and C
Then, open the program with the NXT-G programming application.
3. Download Remote.rbt to the Controller NXT
4. Download Receiver.rbt to the vehicle robot.

Connect the NXTs through BlueTooth on connection 1.

6. Run the programs. Use the paddles on the controller to steer the robot.

Some of the program was from Brian Davis.

Friday, February 22

SumoBot v2

Here it is... my latest creation worth publishing! It's a sumo bot that was for the NXTLOG sumo challenge that as usual I missed due to the deadline being a couple months before I made this. Oh well, at least I can still post it here!
So, pretty much what's cool about it is traction. It has 6 wheels that give it awesome traction. The only disadvantage is that it drives kind of slowly, but if it collides with the opponent boy are they going down! The program isn't really worth posting because it just has the robot stay on the table. There is no ultrasonic sensor to seek the opponent because due to limited space in my LEGO room (AKA bedroom) It would detect my dresser and attack it :-P
Here's some pics:

Thursday, February 21

Coming soon...

Two projects will be posted soon.
• A short guide for NXT-NXT remote controlling (pending NXTLOG approval)
• And a six-wheeled sumo-bot that is, as of now, undefeated (waiting for me to take pics and upload them)

Saturday, February 16

1, 2, 3, WHO LOVES LEGO?

Everyone leave a comment! I want to see how many people love LEGO! (Technic, basic bricks, NXT, or whatever) Lets see if we can get to 10!
You don't need an account or anything to leave a comment.
I'll leave a comment to get started...

People who have commented so far:

Thursday, February 7

New NXT Blog!

I just found out about a cool site/blog, NXT Central. It has only recently been created, but it appears to have a forum even! It is updated by one Andrew, AKA snowblader13. It covers mostly his creations and NXT related news.
Update: Now AirKraft, ro1000, and I are contributing as well.

Tuesday, February 5

Blender 3-D design

I recently discovered a great freeware CAD (Computer- Aided Design) program called Blender that I have been playing around with. It's available for Windows and Mac. Here's a screenshot of a snowman I made with it:

Admittedly it's not a work of art but it's my first project. I am hoping to make some LEGO parts at some point. Also, although it's difficult, you can also do 3-D animation with Blender. I haven't figured that out yet, but I'm going to take a class based on blender, so hopefully, I'll learn how to do it then.

Sunday, February 3

RealCar III

Here is the third incarnation of my rack&pinion cars...

This one can even be picked up without being dropped!