Thursday, March 27


Here is a great robot that my best friend Ben made, called the Netch-a-sketch. Well actually it's the program that's cool. As you may have guessed from the name, it is an NXT based etch-a-sketch.
If you want to see it in action, download the program  (Right Click the link and choose Save as to download). I'd have included a video, but unfortunately you can't take Screencasts with the NXT :-(

Sunday, March 23

NXTBot Lite

I made this a robot as an experiment to see how small a NXT robot I could make. If you can make a smaller one, email me photos at


This robot can type "NXT" on my MacBook! Take a look at the video below.

Wednesday, March 12

A Special Invitation to FLL World Fest!

A big part of the robotic competitions is the outreach to the community in which a team participates, as well as the team's expression of the FLL Core Values. Teams from around the world were given the opportunity to present their works in these areas for special consideration. Of all the teams that applied internationally, only twelve teams would be invited to compete at the FLL World Festival (April 17-18 in Atlanta, GA). The Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies from Village Home was one of those teams invited!

The Duckies are the "sister" team from the co-op that our team went to. AND THEY ARE GOING TO WORLD FEST!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

  • Their website, made by Tesca, a computer genius age 10.

  • They would REALLY appreciate a financial contribution, because they live in Oregon, and Worlds is in Georgia. There's a page on that topic here.

Friday, March 7


+ NXT =

Here's a great new project I just made: a forklift!

Monday, March 3


I finally found a free forum service, so NXTMonger's World now has a forum! Yay!
I encourage you to register. It's free. (Duh!)