Monday, May 28

Alpha Rex The Football Star

Here is a hilarious video of Alpha Rex playing football! (soccer) *sigh* If only the real one was that flexible.

Thursday, May 24

LEGO packbot - "PackNX"

Here is my LEGO version of irobot's Packbot. Pack-NX is basically a treaded robot with 2 rotating flippers. The flippers also have moving treads on them, so it can flip itself upside-down and drive only on it's flippers. (if it wanted to) It can also use the flippers to "swim" in grass and LEGO bricks, or to flip itself right side up.
P.S. The treads are from the EXO-Force Mobile Defense Tank (A.K.A. the Orange Tank)

Steering Car 2.0

I updated the steering car! The new version features:
• A 2:1 gear ratio for faster transport
four wheels, not just three
• A differential gear
• No gear skippages at all
• Slightly less sturdy construction (hey, it was a 20 minute project)

Saturday, May 12

Camera Sensor

Finally, a camera sensor for the NXT! has released information that they are working on a sensor that "can support tracking of up to 8 objects at a time." Not many details, unfortunately, but the video speaks for itself. (And no, the car isn't bluetooth controlled :-> )

Thursday, May 10

Motor Multiplexor

This car has a certain gear"box" that uses 1 motor to move 2 others along a track. When they are in the back position they each power separate wheels. When they are in the front position they each power separate attachments. It is called a motor multiplexor. His nxtlog post of the MD-A1 is here. I have something similiar to this built currently, but I can't post it yet, because it is my top secret future FLL robot. (I'll post it when I can, okay!)

Tuesday, May 8

Hassenplug's Robot

This is a video of a robot that can get 400 points in the NanoQuest challenge in just 55 seconds. It was, however, built by a adult, but it is still way cool! It's interesting how such a simple bot can get such a perfect score.
(so much for my 4-degrees-of-freedom bot!) His NXTLOG post is here.

Sunday, May 6

Power Puzzle

Registration is open for FLL 2007! The team I am on, The A.E.R.O. Cows, is team 86. You can register your team here. You can see the challenge here

Thursday, May 3

Missile Launcher

Here's a cool missile launcher I found at the nxt step blog. It uses touch sensors to control the aiming it seems. But it uses 5 sensors: up, down, left, right, shoot. And only 4 sensor ports? Maybe the middle button press all of them at once? Please comment if you have ideas.


This is a video of a three legged killough drive - and it seems to be pretty functional, considering it doesn't use many pieces.

Wednesday, May 2

The Dominator

Here is a cool domino laying robot that is quite speedy, and uses only three motors. (as opposed to four, like in Dave Astolfo's robot with the Motormux hack) Also, it is relatively compact, compared to other domino-bots which are usually quite big.