Thursday, November 29

Modular Multiplexor

Here it is! the project you've all been waiting for! (Or at least that I have been waiting to post ;) ) Anyways, so here is how it works. There are 2 modules. 1 is the base, which is basically a bit of technic with wheels on it. Then there is the top module, with the motors and NXT on it. This one is a bit more complicated. There are 3 motors and 1 of them slides the other 2 forward and backward. When they are in back position, they engage with the base's wheels, and when they are forward they engage with the base's attachments. As there are 2 motors that slide forward, there are 2 attachments. And just so you know, the attachments are built into the base so the only change-out time is when you switch out the bases.

So picture this: you send out your robot, it uses it's 2 motorized attachments to solve 2 missions, it comes back to base, and in about 2 seconds you move the top module to the next base, with different attachments, and you send the robot out to do it's next 2 (or more) missions. If this explanation doesn't make sense I won't be surprised so please comment if you have a question.

Monday, November 26

PackBot NX

Here is a video I seem to have forgotten of the PackBot NX. I recently was playing around with iMovie and edited it a bit (added sound and stuff).

Wednesday, November 21


I got Mac OS 10.5 Leopard! And it is about twice as good as I thought it would be!

Coming Soon: Modular Multiplexor!

I am making a robot that is a combination of a my mobile motor multiplexor and my modular bases robot! Expect a post on it soon. So far I have spent about 5 hrs. on it and currently it is flawless. It is designed for use in FLL. Here are some pics of the Multiplexor and Modular Base Bot:

Friday, November 16

Power Puzzle Competition Approaching!

The FLL competition is almost here! We will compete in 28 days and I hope we will be ready. You can visit my team, The A.E.R.O. Cows,' website here.

Update: 15 days left! We are currently at a healthy 340 points and are working on making it more efficient because it takes about 3 minutes for us to do it all.