Tuesday, July 31

Motor Multiplexor

Another robot. (Big deal! Seriously. It took me like 5 hrs.)
NXTLOG post here

Saturday, July 28

Table Top Cleaner

Here's a 'bot I made a while ago but couldn't post immediately cause google video was experiencing "technical difficulties". Anyways, this one's function is to sweep little bricks and stuff off a round table. Unfortunately, while it does do it's job fine, it also makes an even bigger mess on the floor around the table ;-)
BTW the things it sweeps off the table in the movie are transparent red 1 x 2 bricks.
Update: Full screen version here

Tuesday, July 24

LEGO House

This is just a little LEGO house I made. It's supposed to be sort of a medieval setting. It is made of three layers: ground floor, attic, and roof.

Monday, July 16


This software, LEGO Digital Designer, has just come out with (or I have just found) NXT parts. so now you can build your NXT creations virtually. Download the software here. Enjoy!

Monday, July 2

NXTLOG Building Challenge #3

The third building Challenge is here! What you have to do is build a robot that is either a robot that "can fight pesky pests" or a insect itself. To see NXTLOGster's official post, click here.