Tuesday, December 25


Yessssss! for christmas my dad gave me another NXT! I have just finished a (flawless) BlueTooth NXT-NXT remote controlled car and I will post it soon. Please leave suggestions in the comments section if you want me to build something that has to do with two NXTs. I also got the LEGO MINDSTORMS Idea Book authored by some of the The NXT Step's contributors, and it is a great book. I would recommend it if you like NXTs and reading. And they encourage you to respond to them if you have a question.

Saturday, December 22

FLL Competition at Intel

The A.E.R.O. Cows competed at Intel Jones Farm Dec. 15 and we got these scores:

1st round - 190

2nd round - 275

3rd round - 225

The second round tied for 3rd best table score with another team out of about 20 teams.
We scored high in the other topics too, and overall they were enough to get us to State! Woohoo!
our web page can be found at:


Wednesday, December 19


Here is a cool robot I made a while ago that uses it's 8 legs to walk fairly speedily. I designed it originally to enter the NXTLOG BugBot building challenge, but never got around to posting it and thus ran out of time. However, I am still allowed to post it on my site, so here it is: