Friday, October 26

Yay! Mac OS 10.5 came out Friday! "Leopard" is packed with new features and I will definitely try to upgrade. For all you Windows users I recommend switching to Mac because it crashes way less than PCs. Plus, the laptops look cooler! :p

For the geeks: Mac has Unix underpinnings!

Learn more at

Wednesday, October 17

LEGO's FaceBook: My LEGO Network

Some of you may know about's "Club Pages", but soon there will be a whole new deal: My LEGO Network
I was lucky enough to become a beta tester for it and so far it is quite fun.
If you are quick maybe you can be a tester too! sign up at

Saturday, October 6

Modular Base in Action

Here's a video of the modular base robot.

Friday, October 5

Modular Base

This is another robot I designed for FLL. It has several interlocking modules.
The first is the one with the NXT and motors on it, and the second is the base, with gears, wheels, and attachments on it. The first module just snaps into the second one, the base, engaging the motors with the wheels. Then you send out your robot to do the mission. When your robot comes back you exchange the base with a new one. It only takes about 1 second to snap in. The point of this is to minimize base time, a big negative factor in many robots, because you only get 2.5 minutes to do all your missions.

Wednesday, October 3


NXT-G 1.05 is out and can be downloaded for free at:

Slow Times

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. With the school year here (and FLL season), I have been quite busy, leaving little time for blogging.