Friday, May 30

TugBot II

Finally, a new robot!!! This is my entry to NXTCentral's Move That Weight challenge. It can pull 10.3 pounds, and it is shown in the video pulling it 5 feet in 39 seconds. Now that I've entered my robot, I'll get some new bots built.

Also, did you notice the random header images? Reload this page a few times and they should change. Feedback on them please!

Friday, May 16

New robots soon, hopefully.

You may have noticed the lack of new robots recently. The reason for this is that I am still working on my entry to's Building challenge #1 - "Move That Weight!". My entry is finished and I just need to program it, so hopefully you'll see more robots soon.

Thursday, May 8

Maker Faire 2008

I'm back from the Maker Faire! It was really fun, and I hope I can make it next year.
Anyways, I took some photos and movie clips there, and iMovie'd together a slideshow/video. It's mostly about the LEGO exhibit, but there is a bit of other stuff too.
Note: This does not cover the whole Maker Faire! There is way, way more than this. But most of the time I was looking at stuff and forgetting to take pictures, so this is what I have.