Wednesday, August 27

David's Robots

My cousin David sent me some video clips of a few creations he made, so I am posting them. I guess they aren't LEGO, but one's k'nex and the other is Capsela or something, both great alternatives to LEGO. Here is a collection of the clips:

Monday, August 25

Strobe-Bot II

Here's a clip:

And here are some pics.

The best part? While spinning it whacked a fly.

Tuesday, August 12

The Rolling Terror

This is certainly a menacing creation...

...most of the time.

Saturday, August 2

The Robot of Many Names

I'm not quite sure what to call this robot... it has been dubbed "Cute-bot", "Drunken", and "Hermit Crab" (My favorite).

Okay, I'll call it the Hermit Crab.

Anyways, it's original main purpose was to be cute.  Here's a vid: