Monday, April 30

My Creations

Wednesday, April 25

Lego car factory

Wow. Although lengthy, this is a video of a robot (or rather, several robots) that actually makes a Lego car by itself! I haven't counted, but there must be at least 10 rcx's, and as for LEGOs - well, I don't think I can count that high.

NXT Segway Movie

I'm sure you've heard of the Segway human transporter™, but who knew you could make one out Lego bricks? I am impressed! I tried to make one, but had trouble programming ( for that kind of program you probably need to use RobotC )

LNE Video

Here is a cool video I found at The Nxt Step Blog. I have made a similiar project recently, and I will post it as soon as I upload the pictures.Also see irobot's original design

Tuesday, April 24

First Lego League

I have joined a FLL team recently, and if you don't know, First is an acronym for: For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. To learn more about First, go to FLL's (First Lego League) website here

Sunday, April 22

Cool Video

This is a cool video I found online (no, I didn't make the video) of a Lego rubber band machine gun. Learn more


A small little robot designed to (vaguely) resemble a squirrel. It zooms around avoiding obstacles with it's ultrasonic sensor. It was originally designed to be a compact little explorer, but the wires made it look bigger, so I turned it into a squirrel.


This is a neat little sumo-bot I made, after being inspired by this cool video. This sumo bot features: a scoop on the front, 4 powered wheels, wheel-guards, a light sensor, a ultrasonic sensor, and a place for a minifig to sit. Click here to view it in nxtlog.

Steering Car

This is a speedy little 'bot with a new steering mechanism. It has just one wheel in the back, so it has no need or a differential gear. You might notice that it uses all three motors, two for driving and one for steering. The reason for this is that most cars (tribot,for instance) use two drive motors, and having only one would half the power.Download the steering mechanism's building instructions here. (pdf file). To view it in nxtlog, click here.

Realistic Car - Jeep

This is a NXT car designed to look like a jeep,and I think it succeeded. If you can't see the NXT brick at first, that's because it is upside-down, sticking out the bottom. The car is mainly functional, having two drive motors, but cannot "turn on a dime", like most NXT vehicles. It has to turn in arcs. (but, on the other hand, that makes it more realistic, because normal cars can't turn like that either)