Tuesday, July 31

Motor Multiplexor

Another robot. (Big deal! Seriously. It took me like 5 hrs.)
NXTLOG post here


george adal said...

where did you buy that multiplexor for mortors ? can you conect 4 or 5 motors in the same lego nxt(brain)?

if you have bought the multiplexor in a web can you send me the link and the name of the multiplexor

thank's it's very nice

Marten said...

It's actually a purely mechanical design. Here's the description from the nxtlog post, for which the link seems to be broken.
"This robot's function is a special drivetrain called a Motor Multiplexor. It works by having 2 motors to drive the vehicle, and another motor in between the 2 to slide them forward along a gear rack. When they are in the front position a bump sensor is pressed, and it stops the centre motor. The 2 motors are now disengaged from the wheels, and ingaged to the 2 worm
gear-boxes on the front, which have attachments on them.
So, basically, it's purpose is to have 2 powered drive wheels and 2 powered attachments, with only 3 motors.
BTW it was originally designed for FLL."

If you're looking for a multiplexer that lets the NXT physically control more than three motors, electronically, I believe Mindsensors makes one.