Monday, October 19

New GBC module

Although I wasn't the first to come up with the idea of a module like this, I believe I was the first to come up with the idea of inverting the treads and using them to make the wheel. Let me know if someone else had the idea first.

Sunday, September 6

Bare Bones Electronic Fun

Ingredients: cellphone "vibrate mode" motor, watch battery, hot glue, toy car. Keep in mind that in this video clip the battery is almost dead.

Thursday, March 5

SimplySim Update

Earlier I posted about an NXT simulation package created by SimplySim.
They just posted a demo video on their webpage, so I have posted it below.

Monday, February 16


This isn't exactly MINDSTORMS, but it's technic, which generally qualifies for posting.
This trebuchet can fling a 1x2 brick 5 meters, or 8m if you count the bounces.
The weight box has a weight brick, AA batteries, and lead fishing weights that I found at a garage sale.

Sunday, February 8

Lights OUT!

Sometimes you just aren't sleepy, but you'll get in trouble if you stay up past your bedtime... Lights OUT to the rescue! It sits in the hallway and when your parent comes down to check if you're asleep it turns off the lights!

YouTube distorted it...So it looks weird.