Wednesday, January 30

PPS: Ping-Pong Shooter

This is a mobile, BlueTooth remote controlled robot. It has has a magazine of 7 ping-pong (table tennis) balls that it it will shoot if you press the bump sensor on the controller.

Now all I need is a 3rd NXT to fetch the projectiles!

Monday, January 21

Happy Birthday LEGO Brick

The LEGO Brick turns 50 in 2008!!!

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear LEGO Brick,
happy birthday to you!

FLL State

Last saturday we went to the FLL state competition! We were there for 11 hrs. and while we were there we:

Got table scores from 150 - 295
Won the 3rd place teamwork award
Met the Pigmice, last year's world-fest winners
Saw the founder of FIRST
Ate granola bars :)

From what I can tell, 3rd place teamwork ≈ tied for 6th place with three other teams.

In the teamwork judging what we had to do was to answer questions about "gracious professionalism" and that sort of thing, and -the fun part- to build a bridge out of uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows! Most likely we got a teamwork award because we built a really good bridge.

I'll try to post pics and a robot video as soon as I get them from our coach.


Monday, January 14

All Terrain Crawler (ATC)

This is a sturdy little robot that I made a while ago that can get over anything. Well, not exactly, but it can get over dictionaries!
It has 4 treads that can pivot freely, enabling it to have great traction when driving over books etc.
Here's the movie

Saturday, January 12

LEGO Rapid Fire Machine Gun

Here is a video I made of one of my recent creations, a LEGO machine gun. Strictly speaking it's not MINDSTORMS, but it
has a motor
has mechanical parts
and is cool

therefore qualifying it for posting on this blog.

Wednesday, January 9

NXTLOG Winter Wonderland Building Challenge

Hooray! Another NXTLOG building challenge!  Looks like this time it's snow-themed: 
"This can be a robot that relates to winter in any way. It can be a snow plow, a robot skier or ski lift, or even a NXT robot designed to deliver you hot cocoa. The ideas are endless and we’ll be looking for the most creative robots that we could not be without on a cold snowy winter's day."
By the way, happy new year!

Thursday, January 3

If you're gonna buy an NXT buy it now!

The following is from LEGO:

"Purchase 8527 LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT and receive an exclusive set of free accessories. Set includes one 9843 Touch Sensor, one 9844 Light Sensor and one pack of 8 Energizer Lithium AA batteries – a $50 value! Limited quantities. Offer good while supplies last. One free accessories set per order."