Friday, June 8

Maker Faire 2007

Here are some of the coolest LEGO creations I saw at the Maker Faire this year in San Mateo. Most of the event was non-LEGO, but there was a hall devoted to a small-scale Brickfest, put together by BAYLUG (Bay area LEGO Users Group). Pic 1: HailFireNXT. Pic 2: A bridge spanning about 6 feet, made entirely out of LEGO TECHNIC beams (and pins). Pic 3: A LEGO trainyard that was impressive just for the amount of LEGO trains used. Pic 4: Some sort of MINDSTORMS setup that demonstrates how a calculator works, titled "PneumADDic".

Do You Read Me (Or Rather, This Blog)?

Hello again.
I was just wondering who reads this blog. Could you please leave a comment if you are reading this?