Friday, June 8

Maker Faire 2007

Here are some of the coolest LEGO creations I saw at the Maker Faire this year in San Mateo. Most of the event was non-LEGO, but there was a hall devoted to a small-scale Brickfest, put together by BAYLUG (Bay area LEGO Users Group). Pic 1: HailFireNXT. Pic 2: A bridge spanning about 6 feet, made entirely out of LEGO TECHNIC beams (and pins). Pic 3: A LEGO trainyard that was impressive just for the amount of LEGO trains used. Pic 4: Some sort of MINDSTORMS setup that demonstrates how a calculator works, titled "PneumADDic".

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Burton Danes said...

We wanted to stop by San Mateo on the way from Lesvos but the ferries don't go there! Did you get to build stuff from the Silicon Valley cast offs?

Any big flames there?

Let's plan to do the faire again next year. And add in a few side trips!

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