Monday, January 21

FLL State

Last saturday we went to the FLL state competition! We were there for 11 hrs. and while we were there we:

Got table scores from 150 - 295
Won the 3rd place teamwork award
Met the Pigmice, last year's world-fest winners
Saw the founder of FIRST
Ate granola bars :)

From what I can tell, 3rd place teamwork ≈ tied for 6th place with three other teams.

In the teamwork judging what we had to do was to answer questions about "gracious professionalism" and that sort of thing, and -the fun part- to build a bridge out of uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows! Most likely we got a teamwork award because we built a really good bridge.

I'll try to post pics and a robot video as soon as I get them from our coach.


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