Wednesday, October 17

LEGO's FaceBook: My LEGO Network

Some of you may know about's "Club Pages", but soon there will be a whole new deal: My LEGO Network
I was lucky enough to become a beta tester for it and so far it is quite fun.
If you are quick maybe you can be a tester too! sign up at


Anonymous said...

yup, it IS fun! peoples, CHECK IT OUT! and, if you get magazines, make sure to watch out for the code! (enter it in clubcodes) Oh boy, you are lucky to have been a beta tester! Whats you name on it? mines jessmanboo. be friends?

NXTMonger said...

I am NXTMonger on MLN, and I will send a friend request right away :)

NXTMonger said...

And I'm going to start getting magazines soon, I just renewed my subscription a few weeks ago.

Windham said...


My user name is: brick_link_seller

P.S I really want to get to rank 4 so please help me by racing with me.

Anonymous said...

my name in this game is miltenn

Anonymous said...

Hi I know a few clubcodes


Add me : FireGold007