Wednesday, February 27


Meet the (S)emi (P)ortable (M)usic (P)layer (SPMP)!

This is the new hi-tech music player! The iPod now has a rival! Or maybe I should wait till someone buys mine before I say that...
Anyways, this is a robot that can carry around your Boom Box wherever you go! It even has a rack to carry all of your CDs. It'll play mp3s too as soon as LEGO improves the sound capability of the NXT... (hint, hint, LEGO!)
And if your music is all on your computer...
It will carry that too!


Ben said...

Hey, I love your blog!

Could you program the robot to "retrieve" The computer or boombox? (hint hint, picnic ants.)


snowblader13 said...

Nicely done could modify it to carry whatever you want it to. your Sumo bot is still built i see. probably a very strong puller for a heavy load like a boombox.


NXTMonger said...

Thanks Andrew and Ben,
Retrieve it? hmmmm. Maybe, but it would require my other NXT so it would have super powerful lifting arms.
Oh right, Andrew when you wrote your comment it was probably still built but I just took it apart a little while ago.