Saturday, February 23

BlueTooth Remote Control

This is a lesson on how to control one NXT with another. (via BlueTooth)

• Two NXTs
• One computer
• 4 motors

1. First, you need to build a Tribot, or some similiar basic robot. (picture 1)
2. You then will build a remote like the one in picture 2
2. Connect the motors on both car and remote to motor ports A and C
Then, open the program with the NXT-G programming application.
3. Download Remote.rbt to the Controller NXT
4. Download Receiver.rbt to the vehicle robot.

Connect the NXTs through BlueTooth on connection 1.

6. Run the programs. Use the paddles on the controller to steer the robot.

Some of the program was from Brian Davis.


Anonymous said...


Are you sure the receiver programme is ok? I get an eroor message when I try to download to the vehicle- "the program is broken. It may be missing required files."

Any ideas?

NXTMonger said...

Maybe I need to give you the MyBlocks.

Double click on a MyBlock.
See if a new tab opens with the MyBlock's contents.

if not, let me know at