Friday, February 22

SumoBot v2

Here it is... my latest creation worth publishing! It's a sumo bot that was for the NXTLOG sumo challenge that as usual I missed due to the deadline being a couple months before I made this. Oh well, at least I can still post it here!
So, pretty much what's cool about it is traction. It has 6 wheels that give it awesome traction. The only disadvantage is that it drives kind of slowly, but if it collides with the opponent boy are they going down! The program isn't really worth posting because it just has the robot stay on the table. There is no ultrasonic sensor to seek the opponent because due to limited space in my LEGO room (AKA bedroom) It would detect my dresser and attack it :-P
Here's some pics:

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123kirby said...

I built this from you pictures. Nice robot.