Saturday, February 16

1, 2, 3, WHO LOVES LEGO?

Everyone leave a comment! I want to see how many people love LEGO! (Technic, basic bricks, NXT, or whatever) Lets see if we can get to 10!
You don't need an account or anything to leave a comment.
I'll leave a comment to get started...

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NXTMonger said...

I LOVE LEGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I don't know why I wrote this post... I just felt like it.

snowblader13 said...

I do agree with you!!! Legos have been in my home for many years, Mostly when i was younger. I hadn't touch them for probably 10 years until about a year ago when i bought an NXT kit, then i fell in love with Lego again.


NXTMonger said...

It's been my favorite toy since I was 5!

Josh said...

I do like lego bricks and technic bricks I just started using technic bricks more when I got my NXT kit then I got the education resource kit(it is very helpful)

snowblader13 said...

just before i bought my NXT i had bought several other technic sets then i saw the NXT, did some research and found out that they were very popular and fun. i then bought another one and started buying a bunch of new sets and adding to my collection.

Josh said...

If only I could get a second I could get into more complex robots and programs like using Bluetooth right now I'm trying to save enough to buy the Accelerometor.


Anonymous said...

NXTMONGER, I like lego technic and MINDSTORMS but they are really the same thing.