Wednesday, April 9

The NeXT Bus

This is my first entry for the Earth Day Building Challenge: The NeXT Bus! It is one of the first robotic public buses, and possibly the first made out of LEGO.
So here is how it helps the Earth:
This bus uses the same amount of energy as a TriBot, right? Well, maybe a little more, but about the same. So what's the point? I'll tell you. This bus easily carries 8 minifigs, but these minifigures are traveling alone, so if they weren't on this bus, they'd be in 8 different cars! So with this bus, you would be using approximately 1/8 of the energy that would have been used.
Admittedly it doesn't look much like a real bus, but at least it is functional! It has rack-and-pinion steering like a real bus, windows etc.

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