Friday, April 18

Great 3-D animation software!

I recently found a great 3-D animation software, called "Alice". It is a very easy to learn, drag-and-drop environment, very similar to NXT-G. There are two versions, Storytelling Alice, for middle schoolers, and Alice 2.0, for high schoolers and college students. I would recommend Alice 2.0, even if you aren't high school+. I'm 12 and I learned it in 15 minutes! And did I mention it's completely free? You can also make simple 3-D games with it. I will send you the game I made if you email me at


Anonymous said...

Blender has a slightly steeper learning curve, but it is the best 3d animation, modeling, simulation, etc. software out there.

NXTMonger said...

Yeah, I tried blender but it was a bit too difficult for me to learn much on my own. So, I'm going to take a few classes on it soon, and maybe I'll figure out the animation part!