Tuesday, February 5

Blender 3-D design

I recently discovered a great freeware CAD (Computer- Aided Design) program called Blender that I have been playing around with. It's available for Windows and Mac. Here's a screenshot of a snowman I made with it:

Admittedly it's not a work of art but it's my first project. I am hoping to make some LEGO parts at some point. Also, although it's difficult, you can also do 3-D animation with Blender. I haven't figured that out yet, but I'm going to take a class based on blender, so hopefully, I'll learn how to do it then.


Airkraft-NXT said...

Ive had this software for about 3 years, but have never realy done very much with it. i created a few animations, but i found it too hard to understand


NXTMonger said...

I kind of agree. I think it requires you to be willing to sit down and spend a week working with it. Then you'll know how it works pretty well and you'll be able to make something interesting.
Of course, if you're like me, you probably don't have that much free time :-)